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    #Homemade #VeggieBurger #SummerRoll with Sweet n’ Spicy dipping sauce. 
    Served with frozen #mango chunks in cranberry juice.
    All components #MadeFromScratch - Nothing canned.
    #GlutenFree #HealingFood #CleanEating #KitchenWhimsy ○○○
    #original #onthespot #recipe #channelingGrandma #eatyourcolors #goodeats #foodfromtheearth #feedfeed #eeeeeats #Summertime #nomnom

    My dad used to have his own version of this. As a philosopher and astute legal mind, he loved a sound ‘argument’ - a good debate…quite literally for the sport of it. It was one of his traits that I admired most, even though it frustrated the hell out of me as his child.

    It was a remarkable and obvious shift when he would go mute in a room when in the presence of an ill-informed or emotional debator who couldn’t maintain a rational/logical approach when challenged. He would grant (a test really) one chance to support an emotional rant with a clear and convincing position, catching his would-be challenger on any careless or unsupported condratiction. It was like fencing. Delicate. Strategic. Lethal. One chance. If they fell it would be because they screamed their way down. He was quiet. Cursed, but quiet.

    Others would ask how he could be so quiet in the face of such loud and scathing opposition, to which he would say:

    I value and enjoy my intellect too much to have it wasted on a fool.


    I believe in verbs ♡

    #regram from @thebettermanproject

    In the immediate celebrations following the World Cup, Rohan Daley, a reporter on CVM television and part of the team of journalists handling the exclusive coverage of the games, did the unthinkable.  To celebrate the Germany win -his favoured team - he exclaimed ‘Heil, Hitler’ with physical salute and all.

    As we cursed this asinine display on FB threads and blogs in Jamaica - nothing at all happened - as far as I know-  in way for reprimanding this reporter for his actions.  Apparently then it doesn’t matter - even though he would NEVER get away with this in any other media market or nation. 

    I take personal offense to this as an African with German heritage - but rather than wax on about that - I will keep the point on the lack of responsibility and professionalism that still, should be addressed. 

    FB Comment:
    "The spread of ignorant and abhorrent messaging takes on potentially dangerous effects when in the hands of those with powerful voices. There is a reason why we should always maintain a standard of ‘appropriate’ expression not based on politeness but on enlightenment through contextual relevance. At the very least. That standard we place strongly on the shoulders of our journalists/media, politicians, innovators in big business, and advertisers…ergo the influencers of the public. These people are not ‘the man or woman on the street’, rather, they inform and INfluence them.

    It is why when power is mishandled, these same platforms are used to mobilize masses for social amputations of all groups. It is this sociological truth that Hitler used MOST effectively (for his political not religious Nazi mvmnt), and it is again this sociological truth that therefore almost 100 years later creates outrage over this or any confusing use of his name.

    In any other nation, this would not be free of consequences, so it should not be free of that here, especially in a black nation! Double confusion! Don’t take for granted that the child on the street who hasnt the education you do, will not be at risk in making this faulty celebratory association due to improper contextual use. And credence of such possible expression might be alarming, don’t you think?

    In my opinion, Sterling’s ban from the NBA was a less confusing matter and look how THAT was handled. Getting fired from a job is hardly a slaughter. It’s just a consequence of unprofessional and irresponsible use of a platform by a journalist. Pure and simple.”

    From The Mind Unleashed on FB

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    From Faith dot com on FB


    #WorldCup2014 #SemiFinals #GermanyvsBrazil #futbol (at World Cup Futbol at LIME Jamaica Bldg, Half Way Tree)



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    Up the #wall…to the #light…#nature prevails. ♡

    Easy as you go…
    So long as you breathe and care to dream, you can build.

    The instructive and gratifying work of love…

    Wow…hard talk

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